SDMAC - Events 

2019 BBQ dates at the field. 

Cooking starts at 12 noon. If weather is not looking good please view this page for latest information :

Saturday May 25th, Sunday 23rd June, Saturday 27th July, Sunday 25th August.

Indoor Flying dates for 2019 : 16th November, 14th December - This will also be the club AGM.

Dates for 2020 : 25th January, 22nd February, 28th March.

Events for 2019  - Further details available from :


2019 - No flying due to :

Shooting taking place on the following dates. We have no control over the shooting activity as it is arranged by and the responsibility of our landlord.Our club rule is that we 'cease flying temporarily at the proper request of the shooting syndicate that also leases the field'. The shooting will last approximately 20 minutes. The dates will be Monday and Friday mornings until the end of January.         

Shoot dates TBC


The 'beating' will commence at the left-hand end of the runway and will proceed down the valley for approx. 30 minutes.

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